Edible Gelatines trademark "gelcor" are refined and purified proteines with gelification qualities and a high nutritional value due to its elevated content of almost all the amino-acids required by the human organism. The solutions and gels it forms once dissolved provides for a great variety of uses and applications: in table jellies, flan jellies and gelatine desserts; in Frappes, chewing sweets, toflees and gums; in ice-creams, yoghurts and icings for cakes (as a stabilizer agent); in whipped products such as mousses; in canned soups (to increase viscosity); in emulsions; in marshmallows and sugar or sugarless preserves.


This gelatine is used as a fining agent in such products as fruit juices, wines and also as a clarifying agent and precipatator of must in wines.



Appearence of Samples: powder or fine grained particles.

Types : In different Bloom (or Gel) strength.

125,150,175, 185, 200, 225, 250 Bloom.

Packaging Our products are packed in paper bags of five layers with an inner layer of polyethylene.Each bag contains 25 KG of Nett weight.

Lapse of Aptitude and Conservation: Two years closed in its original package, protected from heat and humidity.

Our line of products meet all the requirements, standards and specifications of the Argentine Food Code and Legislation.

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R.N.E. : Nº 04003035

R.N.P.A.: Nº 04029217